Goal: to create a landing page for a new seafood restaurant
We chose Montserrat as the main font: a geometric non-serif with slightly expanded proportions. Its range of type faces allows to use it as the main and single one.
Primary Font
The color palette
Keep calm and feel like eating.
We decided that there would be a lot of "air" on the landing page, so we chose a quiet color scheme: blue, white, blue — for the main elements. Beige is for accents.
We chose the top view and schematically drew the shape of the buildings. So that it would be easy to figure out how to get to the restaurant even without a route on the map.
Lottie animations
Lottie has small weight and good adaptability — this animation looks good on any screen. In addition, page loading is faster even with a bad connection or using an old device.
Hand-drawn and in a cute cartoon style. Shadows and details were depicted just with hatching and strokes of selected colors. Minimalistic and stylish illustrations — that’s what we gained.
A pleasant-looking landing page, whose design focuses your attention on important elements. It contains cute animations and conveys the character of the restaurant. At the same time it is not overloaded with complex details and flashy colors.
The landing page loads quickly and looks great on any devices and screens.
Merge into the result, and then come back. Let’s make something cool for you!


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