Special project for Tanuki.
Design and pages layout

Goal: to design a game-project to increase customer involvement
First of all, we collected references so that the client can choose the style of the illustrations.
Users were to choose between multiple options. We created unique illustrations for each one of them. Our goal was to make them appetizing, concise and well recognizable at the same time.
Kawai — that was our inspiration-word ^^ So we сhose the typical style of Japanese advertisements and added a little bit of spice to the characters with bright colors and simple emotions. The kittens were made with Lottie animations — these animations are lighter than GIFs and work better when adapted.
The main font in the titles, buttons and riddles supports the whole mood of the game. For game rules and other information that should be well assimilated by the user, we used a simpler font.
Основной шрифт
Второстепенный шрифт
Here we kept the balance between brightness and tenderness: it was important to attract users, but not to annoy them.
Soft «pur-r-r» was a sign that the user chose the right answer. Sound effects helped players understand the right answer even if they didn’t want to read the text of the game.
Sound effects
Click and listen to our cats
An attractive and funny game with unique illustrations. Animation and sound effects appeared to be even more entertaining than we expected: we know for sure that some people specifically clicked on correct answers several times to listen to our cats ;)
The result
Players received a prize for winning the game. So we made letters in the style of the game itself — so the user immediately caught the sender and the subject of the message.
Cats purred both on the desktop and in the mobile version.
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