TVOЯ пицца. Дизайн лендинга
Задача: разработка лендинга для службы доставки «TVOЯ пицца»

Little Big Agency.
Website design and layout

Task: creating a landing page for an SMM agency
First of all, we found references. We collected the same bright, unusual and creative pictures as our customer :) Since the landing page is quite short, we needed something catchy and WOW.
Process of creation
Process of creation
After we figured out the references, we started to create the concept of the first screens.
Other blocks
Then we took up the creative of individual blocks—we developed many different templates that can be used in any incomprehensible situation. Or understandable. No matter.
The font we have chosen is massive, confident, heavy. Thus, we wanted to play against the "little" name of the agency.
Main font
Font style
Color palette
We used the brand palette. It is dominated by a bright blue color, and we used other colors to create visual effects.
What is the result?
The result is a creative, bright and interesting landing page. Short but cool: with animation, style and useful functionality.
Of course, all blocks adapt to all types of devices. All in beauty. Hehe.
Cool idea, huh?


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