Hi, my name is Julia

and I'd like to offer you a look at how we did the landing "Test-drive"

Mailfit Agency — Landing page "Test drive". Design and layout
Goal: to develop a landing page to attract new customers to a demo-period
The first approach: references
First of all, we collected motley trends. The main idea was to find something "airy" but with accent elements that would catch an eye on a spacious background.
The first approach: draft
It was the attempt to make a "Test drive" landing page as a logical extension of the main website of the brand: colors, fonts, composition — all of them matched the brand image.
The second approach: references
Here we leaned towards a more futuristic style to emphasize the "digitality" of the brand.
The second approach: draft and final variant
Puf-f-f! We made a 180-degree turn from the first draft and made a totally new one — the whole concept was completely redesigned. So the landing page became not just an extension of the main website, but a separate space with its own style and rules.
Color palette
Main colors still supported the brand image, but we added a bright green color to emphasize important elements and messages.
We used the Mailfit branded font in all blocks and buttons.
Main font
Font style
To make the landing page more personal, we used our client’s real memojis. So we managed to create the effect of a personal appeal and make the page more lively.
Airy, bright, creative. The landing page is nice to look at, and the non-standard approach to structures and headings catches an eye and makes a user scroll further.
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